Monday, April 14, 2014

Early Morning Workouts

So E's sleeping schedule has been
less than awesome
WAY less than awesome
more like AWFUL

So I usually work out when he goes to sleep at 7-7:30pm 
welp- he figured me out 
and has decided to go to sleep at 7
 and wake up screaming 50 minute- an hour later

adios night workouts

I need to figure out how to get up at 6am, run, shower and get ready by 7:45am to get to work.

I am the Queen of Excuses when it comes to waking up early

So let me hear it people- 
I need all of your advice on getting up early
and let's just keep it at that
no sleep training advice for E
because no mom REALLY wants unsolicited advice
I'll say what they are all thinking:)


  1. My advice on getting up early is: don't.

    I would not be a successful life coach.

    And sleep training advice: yuck. Just let me figure out my kid, enough already.

  2. Ha. It's like those quandries for college: you can have a social life, sleep, and get good grades, but only if you drop one of those three things. :D
    I call exercise good when I take my kids outside and chase them around the for a half hour, or walk them in their stroller around the neighborhood.
    If you figure out something better, post it and I'll try it! :D

  3. I cannot help with early morning workouts. I work out best around 11am, or late at night and have NEVER been able to get myself out of bed to work out if it's before 8am.