Sunday, April 20, 2014


Easter was so fun this year.
All E's first holidays are the best
 He had his first egg hunt with cousins on Saturday
If you think he looks huge in this picture-
well he is
 I always told myself before kids 
that when I had kids they would only get ONE thing for holidays
especially when they are young
well- I am THAT parent
E got a ball (his favorite), two books, weird yogurt puff thingies and bath toys
yeah well I he is only getting 2 gifts for his birthday- probably... maybe
 The Easter bunny was good to Trent too
 I got a Virginia Woolf book
and a coupon for a date
Do yourself a favor and DON'T blow this picture up full screen
 I put E in the cutest Janie and Jack romper
T- it's a romper, not a dress
E looked darling 
Thank goodness for our neighbor
 E was so hungry and cranky before he came around

His cheesy/ excited face

We went to stake conference for Easter
let me tell you, stake conference with an almost 1 year old is rough
especially during nap time
We made it home and were able to spend the afternoon with great friends.

We watched the video on Christ and reflected on what Easter truly is about
it was a great day
and lots of exciting things are happening this week
I'll update once I have pictures:)


  1. You speak truth: First holidays with babies really are the best!
    Happy Easter!