Saturday, May 11, 2013

birth story

I guess it is tradition to put up a "birth story" on the blog
I will give you a birth timeline
Everett's birth was one of the most traumatic/beautiful/spiritual/amazing/character building things I have ever experienced
for that reason, I will leave some details out

May 2, 2013
I was having a hard day at work (May 3 was supposed to be my last day)
I could not sit down for long or really do much of anything
I left mid day and had a pile of papers to get through the next day before I left on maternity leave
I went to women's conference
got kicked out because I had to go to the bathroom and they ran out of bathroom passes 
dont' get me started on that

4pm: NST at the AF hospital
5:30pm: Outlet Mall shopping
6:55ish pm: arrived home of course went to the bathroom
finishing up in the bathroom, went to stand up and BAM water everywhere
7pm: Called my sister (a nurse) freaking out asking if this "could be it"
7:10pm: Called the hospital
meanwhile T is running around SO excited, I am freaking out
7:15pm: I eat a yogurt and T tries to clean up from him "starting dinner" 
(we left asparagus on the stove in water, luckily he had turned off the stove before we left)
T was calling his family & packing his bag (I was already prepared), I was sitting on the couch (on a towel)
8ish: Arrive at AF hospital feeling so stupid since we had JUST left there
I changed (left on a shirt since I was convinced I had a bladder malfunction)
Nurse tested the water
I was given supplies and waddled over to a Labor and Delivery Room
8pm-12am: I was only dialated to a 1.5 but they started me on pitocin etc
 I don't remember much of those few hours but I was in pain,
 T was amazing and his parents stopped by with some caffeine for him and stuff to sleep with.
 At some point I had T rip my shade shirt off 
(I couldn't take it off because of the IV's) 
he thought that was pretty funny.

May 3, 2013
12am: I got my epidural
It didn't work
Dr put it in a false pocket "it happens every 2 years or so"
12am-3am: Laboring without an epidural and trying to convince the nurse it didn't work
I finally jumped up and walked to the bathroom to convince them
3am: Second epidural put in
Also around this time I was started on a few other stuff
I had 8 bags hanging off of my IV at some point
5am: Epidural wore off
6am: Dr takes me off Pitocin since there were too many patients 
and he had to run to another hospital to deliver
10am: I am at a 10
10am-12pm: I push, T and my sister helped me 
I don't remember much of this
It was hard
I wish my epidural was working
All I remember is pushing, pulling on a towel,and passing out in between, woken up by pain and pushing again
12pm: Dr checks me, Everett is progressing slightly, but not fast enough. My bone placement was an issue
He brings up a c section, and gives me a triple dose of the epidural
12:15pm: Wheel me in for a c section, I remember seeing about 10 people there
Dr started poking around to see if I can feel his scalpel- I scream," Don't cut me I can feel everything"
12:18pm: General Anastetic- T advised not to come in
12:28pm: Everett is born

After that T went to  the nursery to be with E through all of his tests and such
He would run back and forth from the nursery to labor and delivery to check on me
I woke up around 1-2pm.. maybe?
 Morphine was not working so they shot something into my IV and I was out
I remember waking up and seeing my sister, bro in law, niece and mom in law
I asked "Did I have a baby"
I was so confused, hurt, and devastated I had not seen my baby
I didn't get to do "skin to skin"
I didn't see him get weighed
I didn't hear his first cry
 Was he ok? Did he have hair? How big was he? Is he cute?were all questions I wanted answered and more

8pm: My parents are here, everyone had seen my baby before I had
T was good about no one holding him until I could
I remember trying to stand to get into a wheel chair
I was SO determined
It was awful and painful
But the second they wheeled me into that NICU I was over come with emotion
I saw and held my baby
I forgot all the pain and trauma (there is more to the story)
he was perfect and all the nurses were gushing on how handsome he was
oh my...we have a lady killer on our hands

Monday, May 6th
E is out of the NICU and with us
That was the happiest moment ever

Tuesday, May 7th
We come home

Motherhood has been beyond amazing
I was worried how I was going to react to everything (feedings, schedules, pain)
I am a planner (and E coming 2 weeks early threw me off)
I am a type A personality
I feel like this boy has softened me beyond imagination
I cry every time I look at him, just thanking our Heavenly Father he made it 
He made it to our family
He is mine and T's for time and all eternity

Thanks to everyone for all the support- 
I have felt overwhelmed and so blessed by your willingness to serve!
Thanks to anyone who finished reading all of this
It probably doesn't make sense
Still on quite a few drugs:)


  1. congratulations!! i'm so happy for you and glad that everything is okay. And yes, I read your whole post because I love reading birth stories... haha seriously.

  2. 1. I love your husband SO MUCH right now for being perfect in so many of those situations. What a sweetheart and a blessing for you!
    2. I can honestly say that your story has me crying right now--out of empathy, sadness and joy. I hope the next time around all those perfect moments can happen again and all the craziness keeps its ugly head far far away.
    3. Doesn't a pregnant belly count as a bathroom pass?! YEESH.

  3. Lauren! Glad you and your little man are doing well! Love ya girl!

  4. What a crazy, emotional, yet ultimately wonderful, experience because he's here!!! So sorry it was so traumatic but beyond thrilled for you and your family of three. Love you!!

    And yes, so proud of Trent too!