Friday, May 17, 2013

Family of Three

One thing I am trying to get over
is our lack of "family photos" from the hospital
I have one- from when we left
that is mostly because E was separated from us, 
and I never got that magical shot right after he was born- long term it's not that bad:)

Boy has this been an adjustment
I feel like I am elbow deep in poop, spit up and pee
but I wouldn't have it any other way

Man it is hard to look at pictures of yourself right after you give birth!


  1. The tummy thing ends quickly enough--your face looks *fantastic* and you already have that happy mommy glow! :D

  2. Awww love this! So cute. You look beautiful lauren! Love those little striped pants on E.

  3. You are gorgeous and your boys are pretty cute too!!

  4. You look beautiful... that baby boy is such a cutie! Hope you don't mind I started following your blog :-) Gianina