Monday, May 13, 2013

our world

Since this is my blog I will post all about my life 
which lately solely consists of the cute boy above 
He mostly sleeps, eats and ... poops
however, everyone once in a while I get an hour with my babe and his eyes open
the last couple days it's been during the morning when I turn on a conference talk or Motab

Everett also loves to put his hand up to my face while he nurses
I give his little hand a couple kisses and he lowers it
only to raise it to my face a couple second later
repeat for an hour

also, while he nurses he sticks his cute little legs straight out
flexes his feet and separates his toes

I just love this little guy

Mom- I'll post more pics another day

Nap time


  1. Hmmm the picture isn't working on my computer!
    Love how you are writing down the details. So sweet.

  2. hand up to your face while nursing. what a sweet, precious little tiny babe.