Wednesday, May 22, 2013

E's Adventures

Our little man is almost 3weeks old
In some ways it's been the fastest three weeks
in others- the slowest (so tired:))
 E's first outing to BYU
We are not some of those creepy people who need to take their children to experience BYU at birth
I had to drop off maternity leave papers
but we were there long enough to see a 30 something lady try to get a 20 something's attention 
she yelled out "Zoobie... Zoobie"
You think he answered? 
No BYU student will ever answer to "Zoobie"
Nor should they
It's not 1995
 E hated his baths
as you can tell by his skeptical face above
 but I love them because they give him fluffy hair
 My favorite thing to see
 Familiy Selfie
We are looking at the screen off to the right
need to learn to look at the lens
 Out for our nightly walk
helps E sleep
for a few minutes:)
 Love those little hands in the morning
Best Purchase yet
our glider swing
E seems to love it too


  1. What a tiny tiny little love button!!!!!!!!

  2. You look so good and E-money is so cute! You little zoobies ;)

  3. So sweet! love your pictures :)