Friday, May 31, 2013

4 weeks old

Everett is 4 weeks old
This has been the fastest month of my life
We are SO happy he is part of our family
He is such a happy baby and is so dang cute!

 Lots of yawning- this boy can sleep 
you don't see me complaining:)
Lots of kisses
It's his favorite thing
I promise:)
 It's just hit me the last few days
this is MY BABY
 We took him to a BYU soccer game to celebrate
boy, was it cold
good thing he had his BYU quilt!
 He is shocked as much as we are about how fast he is growing
Yeah, we love our little guy

So far he is about 22ish inches long
8ish pounds


  1. You look so pretty! And baby looks so cute!

  2. You look AMAZING!!! And I just adore your little familia :)