Sunday, January 27, 2013


I had lived in Provo a long time
My cousins who got here 3 years after I had been here- are leaving in a few weeks.

So because of that I have eaten at many different places around here
Madeline, my sister wanted me to document places we liked and didn't like
So here goes
Culvers in Lehi, Utah

5 out of 10

I had heard of people driving up for these burgers
eh not worth it
I like fresh burgers, veggies etc
The burger patty itself was SALTY and thin
Bun was flat
And the veggies were sparse and like they had been sitting in a bag for a while
But I am an IN N OUT fan through and through- 
you put 3 inches of fresh lettuce that crunches when I bite into it on my burger and you have me sold

They are famous for their custard, which we got but eh BYU Creamery ice cream is better.

So there ya have it!

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