Friday, January 4, 2013

Paris- Museums

Let me preface this post-
 I am not that tourist who goes to museums to take pictures 
I go to museums to LOOK at art
 it bugged me when the tourists would hide behind their cameras the whole time 
you get the same vision from a camera as you do on a computer/textbook s
o when you go to museums- LOOK at the art 
Also- we spent lots of time at these two museums 
 my hubby is getting his master's in Art History= awesome explanations of many of the paintings 
and watching him be SO HAPPY! 
Also- thank heavens for free bathrooms and benches 

It was pouring rain- right after this our umbrella flew into the street

this sculpture really was amazing at the top of the stairs- T can tell you the name, period and artist

I loved looking at the art- but sometimes looking up you got an amazing view as well

There it is- proof I was there. Not my fav painting though

My view most of the time
Musee de Orsay
T was so excited about this one- can I can now understand why. AMAZING

It is an old railroad station- the ceiling was so fun!

Loved the clock on the upper floor looked out over all of Paris

This clock was my fav

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  1. lala, i'm loving all of your vacation posts! keep 'em coming!!!