Friday, January 11, 2013

San Francisco

We had so much fun with my family after Christmas visiting San Francisco 
We were still quite jetlagged but had so much fun! 
I didn't take as many pics- but for some you can follow me on instagram at laolsen
Lombard Street

Due to the morning sickness that came back on this trip- I decided to walk down

great views

fun walk with these lovely people

view from the bottom

despite her face- Navy loved hanging out with grandpa

Boat to Alcatraz

View from the boat

Solitary confinement

I love audio tours- nerdy I know.

Fun walk around the lake with this little one- the belly is out of control

T's first time at the Golden Gate Bridge
Such a fun trip showing T around where I grew up vacationing
Thanks Mom and Dad!

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  1. looove your pictures! makes me miss the day trips we used to take to sf when we were at stanford. and i LOVE your belly! will you please please please post more pictures of it?!