Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vienna- Cathedrals

Here we are again at the cathedrals
 oh these were beautiful
Another great altar piece- loved that this one had the Christmas Trees
We took an elevator to the top to look closer to the

You get a whole different perspective from up close

These were 15ish feet tall- never would have thought from the ground.

We were a little shaky being up so high.

Votiv Kirche- so beautiful. There were some protest going on here- so we got out fast.

This was my favorite- Stefansdom. We passed through multiple times also went through the catacombs- creepy to say the least. Bones from 11,000 bodies, a few coffins and embalmed intestines.

Inside the cathedral- this colors are projected onto the ceiling but still amazing when you walk in.

view from the back

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