Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pregnancy Post

Baby Boy Olsen has gone through some changes around here
 All I can see in these pics is... 
whoa bad hair at 12 weeks 
and too much weight gain in the face

It is an exciting and terrifying time
for so many reasons
I get calls from my dr about the inversion "don't go outside"
and the ice "don't walk outside at all"
well I had work and had to do both
but most terrifying of all is that I am going to be a MOTHER in 15 weeks
talk about stressful
I get stressed just looking at maternity clothes
it brings me to tears to shop for baby supplies- what if I choose the wrong one!?
All I can figure is that they have to pass some safety inspection so any will be good- right?
But it has been fun not worrying about that stuff- makes life easier and let's me focus on rest  
(I tell Trent that is what I have to do- it's what the book says)

One more big trip in 1.5 weeks and then I can start planning everything
I have a small baby shower this weekend with some FUN and AMAZING girls in T's program 
(Yeah you read that right, T studies with girls who throw showers. I work with men who can't remember if I am due in May or August- cool)
maybe it will all seem real them


  1. Lauren, I stumbled upon your blog via Natalia, and you are pregnant??????? That is so exciting! And don't stress out about getting the right stuff. That is what facebook is for! (Quick and easy way to ask all the moms out there.) Anyways, congrats! You look great.
    -Hilary (Litchford) Allsop

  2. Go to the library - check out Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields. They give honest consumer reviews on EVERYTHING baby (gear, clothes, what you really don't need, etc). It was a lot longer than I expected, but I just read a section a day to keep myself sane. Totally helped me organize and sort through ALL the opinions on ALL those baby products. Now I feel like I have a handle on what to look for in various products and I'm a lot less stressed out about my baby :)

  3. Hilary's right--you look fantastic right now! Have fun at your shower. Remember, lots of folks will give you advice, but it's all about what feels good to you.
    I remember when I was 19 weeks along, I slipped on some ice on my way to the car (so I could go to work) and I was a little worried about the baby being hurt. The doctor said that unless there was a lot of bleeding or something else off with my body, we're built to protect our little growing babies, so don't overstress about anything. :D