Sunday, January 6, 2013

Paris- Cathedrals

Now looking back- we visiting a lot of cathedrals 
They were so fascinating to me
 I loved the way they looked 
I loved that they had benches, a place to sit
 All were so different 
That and I have always liked observing other religions
The first cathedrals we walked into
Notre Dame- pretty proud of this picture. Not the MOST beautiful, but huge. We also went to a Gregorian Chant performance here.

Inside Notre Dame

The altar of a church by the modern art museum- all were so different and intricate.

San Chapelle- you HAVE to visit this one

San Chapelle is COVERED in stained glass windows. Each panel telling a different Bible book story

They were amazing- really took your breath away.

One more- loved the colors

Favorite spot in the city- Sacred Heart. Great View, Great Christmas Market and just amazing place. North part of the city by MontMarta (Moulin Rouge area- just skip that street- trust me)

The view- we were lucky to hit it on a clear day. You can see forever and get a good feel for the city. go the first or second day there- it helped me figure out the city a little better.

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